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Non-Member Liability during Tryouts

USA Swimming does not offer a “trial period” or “grace period” for membership.  What the insurance company does allow is an “official tryout period.”  Here is the definition of the allowed tryout period:

 The USA Swimming Insurance Program provides General Liability coverage for the club, coaches and USA Swimming members when a non-USA Swimming member is swimming with a club during a tryout period.  However, coverage is only valid if:  (a) all the coaches on deck are USA Swimming members and;  (b) the tryout period is limited to 30 consecutive days within a twelve month period for any one individual and clinics sponsored by a USA Swimming entity (such as LSC or USA Swimming club).  Tryout period only applies to individuals who have never been members of USA Swimming previously.

 Note:  The non-member is not provided any coverage under the USA Swimming program.  If said individual was injured or caused an injury, he/she would have to look to his/her family medical and/or family liability insurance.

 To clarify, if an athlete is injured during the tryout period and they are a non-member, there is no insurance coverage for that athlete.  They should be notified prior to their trying out that if something were to happen they would need to look to their own insurance policy for coverage.  We don’t require a signed waiver but if the club wanted to, they could use this sample waiver (Non-Member Liability Release). 

Contact the Business Office for more information.

Additional Insured Endorsements
Additional insured endorsements are not automatically renewed each year!!
If your club’s contract with a facility requires that the facility be named on the policy as an additional insured, you (the club) are responsible for requesting the Additional Insured Endorsement through the CertificatesNow online website.  (Requesting the certificate directly from Risk Management Services cost $25.)
More information     Instructions for Obtaining Certificates Online

Contact the Business Office for more information.

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Additional Insured Endorsements Information

(Endorsements are required for each of your facilities and are not automatically renewed from year to year.)

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