Members of the Scholastic All America Team are those athletes who have completed the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade with a 3.5 grade point average or higher and have achieved an individual 2017 Winter Junior qualifying time (SAA qualifying time).
The addition of the 9th graders to the program is new this year. 
Information about applying and the Application Form available here: 
Scholastic All America Program
2018 Winners of Swimmer of the Year
•  9 Year Old Boy: JD Chen, NOVA
• 10 Year Old Boy: Thomas Heilman, CYAC
• 11 Year Old Boy: Carter Whetstine, CGBD
• 12 Year Old Boy: Paul Warnagiris, WST
• 13 Year Old Boy: Caleb Thomas, QSTS
• 14 Year Old Boy: JJ Barad, SEVA
•   9 Year Old Girl: Diana Ismailova, GATR
• 10 Year Old Girl: Amelia Chen, NOVA
• 11 Year Old Girl: Zoey Lusk, GATR
• 12 Year Old Girl: Kayleigh Duffy, TIDE
• 13 Year Old Girl: Kyleigh Tankard, CGBD
• 14 Year Old Girl: Grace Sheble, NOVA
• 15-16 Girls: Grace E. Sheble, NOVA
• 15-16 Boys: Adam C. Kerr, PDSN
• 17-18 Girls: Danika J. Katzer, CGBD
• 17-18 Boys: Keith M. Myburg, GATR

Congratulations to Maddie Wallin (NOVA) on her election to the position of
Junior Athlete Representative to the Virginia Swimming Board of Directors!

Maddie will serve as in this capacity during the 2018-2019 season and as the Senior Athlete Rep the following year.

Clark Beach, QSTS, Will Riggs, NOVA,
and Charlie Swanson, NOVA, have been named to USA Swimming’s 18 & Under World 100.

This group of 50 top ranked men and 50 top ranked women is selected according to their world ranking in an individual Olympic event.
Congratulations Clark, Will, and Charlie!

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2017 Swimming All America Team

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2017-2018 Virginia Swimming Athlete Representatives
Senior Junior
Grace Edwards (NOVA) Sara Gaston
Board of Directors Appointed Athlete Members
Jenni Ryniewicz (TSU) Shelby Stanley () Matthew Whalen (NOVA)
Athletes Committee
The Virginia Swimming Board of Directors formed an Athletes Committee to provide advice and consent to the BoD regarding governance and issues important to the athletes. Each Club will be represented by one member (currently registered athlete, 14 years old or older) on the Committee. The Junior and Senior Athlete Representatives to the BoD will Co-Chair the Committee. Meetings will be held in conjunction with the House of Delegates / Education Weekends, at Senior Champs, and/or online. Communication will also occur via email and the Co-Chairs will post relevant information for all athletes on this page.
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Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Grace Edwards or Sara Gaston , Athlete Representatives.