This page contains information on Officials Certification in Virginia Swimming.  Once you decide to become an Official, you should attend one of the Orientation/Training Clinics (normally held in each District of the LSC in September/October and in April/May - watch the Officials Page for this schedule).   If you're training for S&T Judge, Starter, or Referee, you must take and pass the appropriate tests prior to beginning your training.  If you're training for any other position, you must take and pass the appropriate test prior to completing your training.

Virginia Swimming Officials' Certification Requirements

New Officials
Orientation/ Training

VSI Officials' Training Clinics

Officials' Training Materials

USA - On Line Testing Information

Virginia Swimming Officials' Advanced Certification (V2)
Very experienced admin officials who want to work N2-level meets (LSC, section, and zone championships) can earn V2 certification.
 Evaluation Worksheets:
Timing System Operator        Recorder

USA Swimming Minimum Officials' Certification Guidelines

USA Swimming National Officials' Certification Program

Certification / Re-Certification Tests
Certification Tests are available online (on the USA Swimming website).  The tests will automatically be scored, the correct responses to the questions that you missed will be reported, and the results forwarded to the District Officials Chairs.  You can save and print a copy of the questions for your test, so you can work offline.  Don't forget your references (required for each question, some have more than one) and make sure to check that the answers match the order presented when you log back on.

Online Certification/Re-Certification Tests

Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Dan Demers, LSC Officials Chair.