LSC Zone Team Manager
Maureen Tolliver

The Eastern Zone Short Course (SPRING) Age Group Championship Meet
is a club travel meet and no longer an LSC Sponsored meet.
Please visit for qualifying times and meet details. Please see below for Long Course (Summer) Zone Team and  Meet information:
Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championship Swim Meet
 Wednesday, August 5th - Saturday, August 8th, 2020
 Liberty University Natatorium
Lynchburg, Virginia

This meet has qualifying standards that will be posted in the spring.
***New***Beginning in 2020:
 Athletes require 3 Eastern Zone Qualifying Times to earn a place on the Virginia Swimming Zone Team
This meet is available to athletes 9-14 years of age. Age is determined on the first day of the meet.
Online applications and associated required deposit will be available the first week of June
and the deadline to apply is Monday, July 20th by 9pm EST.

Virginia Swimming Zone Team Policies
(extracted from Virginia Swimming Policies and Procedures, 4/2014)
Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Maureen Tolliver