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The Jim Frye Volunteer of the Year Award is given in honor of Jim Frye.
Jim dedicated this life to the sport of swimming.  He considered all swimmers competing in the pool as his children and treated them as such.  
Each year a volunteer will be chosen to celebrate both Jim’s and our dedication to the sport.

The LC2016-SC2017 receipiants are Genny Kimble and Laura Razzolini.

We would also like to recognize:
Scott Kiger(WAC), Leah Oberley(ODAC), Kelly Waragiris(WST),
Debbie Martinich(UN), Greg Kontopanos(PSDN), Emily Fagen(NOVA),
John Rockwell(HOKI) and Brenda Whitesell(HOKI)
for the number sessions they contributed to our athletes.

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