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Official's Meeting
“How many officials does it take to change a touch pad?”, ask Laura.
CTS/Recorder to Timer? Age Group Champs Officials

USA Swimming Rules Jolyn Suit update

Congratulations to the following Officials for being accepted to USA-S Championships meets this December.
Nationals- Atlanta GA
Dan Demers, Pat Donohue,
Genny Kimbel, Jessica Simons,
John Squires, Stephanie Suhling
Michael Downs, Kim Downs
Junior Nationals East- Columbus OH
Kim and Michael Downs,
Phil Moore, Kevin Hogan,
Bob Rustin

Junior Nationals West-
College Station TX

Bryan Wallin

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VSI Officials' Newsletter Letter Winter 2016  
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Jim Frye, a long time official and
former member of the Board of Directors,
passed away on Sunday, October 9th.
He will be greatly missed.
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Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Bryan Wallin, LSC Officials Chair.