Committee Roster
Operational Risk Vice Chair
Gordon Hair (CYAC)
Steve Woolfolk (UN) David Strider (UN) Maureen Tolliver

Stephanie Suhling

Jessica Simons
John Stanley (CCA) Scott Baldwin (HOKI) ?

Concussion Meet Marshal & Safety Information & Cards Racing Start Certification Hypoxia Training

Virginia Swimming Inc. Sanction Policy and Proceedure Host pool bidding on meet please provide the following:
1.What if any provisions do you plan to make in preparation to host this meet, ( ex: Filtration rate normal and meet day, Air exchange rate normal and meet day, water test normal and meet day.)
2. Complete attached Facility walk through.
3. Post signs in facility (shower before entering the warm up or competition pool.).
4. what is the size of meet (ex: number of swimmers (splashes), timeline to include warm ups and number of days)
5. Plan for breaks for volunteers off deck.
6. Is off deck seating available for swimmers?
Air and Water Quality Questionnaire, Annual Facility Evaluation Form & Pre-Meet Facility Evaluation Form
are found on Meet Hosting Page middle column

USA Swimming Safety Web Page
Contains links to: Concussion Consensus & Concussion Protocol for Parents

USA Swimming Risk Management Plan

USA Swimming Insurance and Risk Management Web Page

Report of Occurance
  - Online Form

Learn To Swim / Make a Splash Programs

NO PEE Breath Free Safety Poster

Shower Sign

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