One of the things that makes the sport of swimming unique, is its heavy reliance on volunteers, and nowhere is this more true than with meet Officials.  All of the Officials that you see on deck, the Stroke & Turn Judges, the Starter, the Referee, and those behind the scenes Officials that determine the swimmer’s official time and post the results, are unpaid volunteers.  We always need additional Officials and there is a job that will suit nearly anyone.  With clinics and one-on-one training, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become an Official.  For those that are confused by, or uncomfortable with enforcing the technical rules of swimming, there are several alternative jobs that are critical to running a meet.  For a brief description of the various officiating positions, please take a look at the Virginia Swimming Officials Recruiting Booklet.  If you’d like some recruiting information to place around your pool, try the recruiting posters.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Officials Committee or your Team Officials Chair for additional information.

Recruiting new Officials and retaining them as part of the team after their training/certification is critical to our program's success.  Recruiting and retention responsibilities usually fall on the shoulders of our Team Officials Chairs, but we all play an important role.  Talk to your fellow club members about officiating - tell them about the pride, camaraderie, professionalism, and fun involved in being a swimming official.  Invite them to talk with your Team Officials Chair and attend an Orientation/Clinic.

Recruitment, Retention, and Reciprocity of USA Swimming Officials

Careful Recruitment Equals Success    

Presentation Plan - Introduction to Swim Officiating
  Position Descriptions

Recruiting Material for Swim Officials

USA Swimming Officials Recruiting Brochure

Virginia Swimming Officials Recruiting Booklet - 10 pages

Virginia Swimming Officials Recruiting Booklet - 16 pages

Virginia Swimming Officials Recruiting Posters

Leadership Training for Swim Officials       Leadership Techniques Handout

Proactive Retention Situations and Resolutions       Retention Best Practices

Maxwell Award Nomination Form     .doc

USA Swimming Reciprocity Policy and Guidelines

Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Bryan Wallin, LSC Officials Chair.